OPTIONS are being considered to progress a Towy Valley bypass scheme.

The Welsh Government has responded to a roads review held earlier this year, as well as the publication of the National Transport Delivery Plan and provided a brief update on the Llandeilo bypass.

The update states the Welsh Government is working with Carmarthenshire County Council for the best way to work and also about potentially diverting heavy goods vehicles.

Lee Waters, deputy minister for climate change, said: “We continue to work on options to progress the Llandeilo bypass scheme. We will continue to seek engagement with Carmarthenshire Council to agree the best mechanisms to deliver transport improvements on the A483 at Llandeilo.

“We are also exploring the diversion of heavy goods vehicles from Llandeilo and have asked Professor Andrew Potter to support us with this work.”

Residents and businesses in Llandeilo have been arguing for years about Bridge Street and Rhosmaen Street not being suitable for the heavy traffic that uses it, with lorries regularly having to slow to a crawl to pass one another.

Llandeilo is a designated air quality management area due to historic breaches in nitrogen dioxide levels.

A shortlist of four options had been created, three of which featured a bypass that would skirt the east of the town, and the fourth option was to incorporate traffic lights and the removal of parking in Rhosmaen Street.

The Welsh Government was due to recommend a preferred option last autumn and then last winter and work to build a bypass was initially due to begin in 2019, but it has been delayed twice and a new start date is now proposed to be 2025.