A NEW bus stop should be added at a Carmarthenshire venue due to a lack of park and ride according to a Senedd Member.

Samuel Kurtz, MS for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, has urged the Welsh Government to add a stop to the T1 bus service at Carmarthen Showground.

The Carmarthen Park and Ride service which ran between the showground, Carmarthen town centre and Glangwili Hospital stopped on June 16 after Carmarthenshire County Council held a budget consultation.

Mr Kurtz wants there to now be an official stop on the T1 service at the showground to ensure those using the park and ride could still do so.

He said: “Having spoken to constituents about the recent decision to drop the park and ride service, I understand the frustrations and inconveniences caused.

“However, a simple solution could be that the T1 Traws Cymru electric bus, which travels between Aberystwyth and Carmarthen’s Lammas Street, before going on to the former park and ride site to recharge, could operate between the showground and Lammas Street.

"Getting to the site takes approximately 10 minutes, a journey in which the bus remains empty.

“As the bus starts and ends its journey at the showground, I have been in contact with Lee Waters, deputy minister for climate change, regarding a potential extension to the service to officially make its first pick up and final stop at the showground, replicating the park and ride service.

“As the bus is already taking this route it would have positive impacts. Residents would be able to use this service, whilst also ultimately reducing the number of cars travelling into Carmarthen and reducing emissions.”