Runners, joggers and walkers at Brynaman Park Run went bananas for Fairtrade on Saturday as they joined in the celebrations, marking 20 years since Ammanford became the first Fair Trade Town in Wales.

Over the last year, Ammanford Fair Trade Town Group member Phil Broadhurst has taken part in 20 Fair Trade Way walks to mark the twenty years.

For his 19th, he joined the Brynaman Park Run, completing the walk from Brynaman Rugby Club along the cycle path and back past the Lido, in a Fairtrade Banana costume!

Fellow Fairtrade supporter Clare Pilborough also did the full 5K route in a banana costume, and all runners, joggers and walkers were presented with Fairtrade bananas, donated by Garnant Co-Op store, as they crossed the finish line.

South Wales Guardian: Banana costumes!Banana costumes! (Image: Ammanford Fair Trade Town Group)

Phil said "It was a fantastic day. The Brynaman Park Run is such a great community event.

"The Park Run volunteers were so helpful and everyone enjoyed the Fairtrade fun element we brought along.

"The only thing that could have made the day better would have been if the Lido was open for us to jump in and cool down after the walk, so it was great to hear about the plans in place to try and get it reopened."

Phil's final Fair Trade Way "walk" of the 20 will see the Fairtrade bananacxostume back out again, to take part in the Wacky Mascot Race at the Jac Lewis Foundation's Charity Day at Ammanford Football Club on Saturday, 1 July.

Phil said : "It'll be great to be part of such a worthwhile day, and the timing is great as it means I'll have completed the twenty walks just three days before the 21st anniversary of us first gaining Fair Trade Town status."

Fair Trade Town status is awarded to communities where local people are working to promote Fairtrade.

South Wales Guardian: Marking twenty years since Ammanford became the first Fair Trade Town in Wales.Marking twenty years since Ammanford became the first Fair Trade Town in Wales. (Image: Ammanford Fair Trade Town Group)

Fairtrade is a fair trading system that guarantees that farmers and workers are paid fairly, have safe working conditions, can work in ways to protect the environment, and are able to invest in supporting their businesses and their communities.