RESIDENTS in the Twyi Valley have described a statement by the company behind the plans for pylons in the valley as ‘out of touch with reality.’

Since the plans for the 70 miles of pylons across the Tywi Valley were revealed by Bute Energy/Green GEN Cymru, residents across the area have mounted strong opposition to the project, citing the importance of keeping the beautiful valley as it is to preserve it and the historic landmarks surrounding it.

Bute Energy held public consultations and following the closure of the initial consultations, thanked local residents for their contributions.

This has been blasted by residents and the local action groups.

Daljit Singh, chair of Llandeilo Anti Pylon group, said: “Anyone who has been to the consultation meetings will have witnessed a total lack of support for Bute’s project.

“Reference to ‘some politicians’ and residents’ concerns and some people asking for undergrounding’ do not reflect at all what went on in the heated consultations.”

The action groups highlighted the anti-pylon signs on the way to the Urdd Eisteddfod which was held in Llandovery last week.

Group member Christoph Fischer said: “Visitors to the Urdd Eisteddfod in Llandovery can feel the strong local sentiment in the form of anti-pylon signs, banners and artefacts on their approach to the Maes.

“For many visitors it could be the last time they see the beautiful Tywi Valley unspoilt, including the very ground on which the Urdd Eisteddfod was held.

“Seeing the benefit of tourism for the area right now as clear as we ever will during this week of the Eisteddfod, the madness of the scheme becomes clearer than ever.”

Llandovery’s Anti Pylon group drew parallels between the ‘ruining of this unmarked river valley by monster pylons’ to the north Wales town of Tryweryn, which was flooded in 1965 to create the Llyn Celyn reservoir to provide water for Birmingham.

Local resident Eirian Jones said: “Then, every Welsh MP voted against the project, but local sentiment was overridden.

"Our valley could be the next sacrifice of Welsh landscape, this time for the benefit of a Danish pension fund, against the will of local people.”

Green GEN Cymru/Bute Energy said that more than 2,500 people attended the consultation events and that they would take on board the suggestions before a further consultation is expected in early 2024.