THE pylons planned for the Towy Valley should be put underground, an MP said in Parliament.

Jonathan Edwards, MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, spoke in the House of Commons as a contribution to the Energy Bill, where he stated that the pylons should be put underground to protect the majestic landscape.

Mr Edwards said: “Following the volume of correspondence I have received on this issue, although devolved, it was important for me to draw attention to the matter in Parliament during this debate.

“As I have explained to Green Gen, if the current route is favoured, then the only option available on the floor of the Towy Valley would be undergrounding.

“We see in countries such as Denmark, where a commitment has been made to underground all existing 150,000 and 132,000-volt cables.

"Also, the US, where they encourage undergrounding of new electricity infrastructure along existing transport routes, such as railways.

“The Twyi Valley is designated a Special Conservation Area and has been supported by the UK Government Levelling Up Fund along with financial support from Carmarthenshire County Council. This investment cannot be undermined by destroying this area of natural beauty.

“I hope the applicants and the Welsh Government will take the responses to the consultation and the strength of local feeling into account when determining this application if it proceeds.”

The plans by Bute Energy/Green Gen Cymru would see 60 miles of pylons across the Tywi Valley to connect Nant Mithil Energy Park in the Radnor Forest area and a new substation to the existing transmission line near Llandyfaelog.

A spokesperson for Bute Energy said the pylons will reduce pressure on the existing electricity grid, support green businesses and enable green heating and the roll out of electric vehicles across rural Wales.

The company said the plan could see energy produced for 200,000 homes.

It says that it wants to "power Wales with clean green energy, and empower local communities through investment, jobs and skills".

Bute Energy say all feedback received will be carefully considered, along with reports from environmental and technical surveys, ahead of further public consultation.