NEW laws relating to parking on pavements in Wales will not be introduced by the end of the year.

The Welsh Government initially planned to carry out a consultation across Wales with a view to introduce new legislation relating to pavement parking by the end of 2023.

Lee Waters MS, deputy minister for climate change, issued a statement saying that this will now be delayed allowing councils to focus on the implementation of the 20mph limits first.

He said: “I reconvened the Wales Pavement Parking Taskforce last year and asked them to explore other ways of achieving our policy aims for pavement parking.

“The taskforce subsequently provided an addendum to its original report and I accepted its recommendation.

“Following this work, the proposal was to consult widely, with a view to introducing the necessary legislation by the end of 2023.

“However, I recognise that we are asking a lot of hard-pressed local authorities at what continues to be a difficult time. I have listened to the feedback from leaders and decided to delay the consultation on pavement parking until next year. This will enable local authorities to focus on the implementation and introduction of default 20mph speed limits in September 2023 and the work to prepare for bus franchising.”

More about the task force report can be seen at