THE NUMBER of serious crashes on a road in the Amman Valley has led to speed cameras being put in place.

A speed camera has been placed on Black Mountain Road between Brynamman and Llangadog in an attempt to improve the safety of the road.

Between 2015 and 2021, 40 crashes have taken place directly on the road, with speed being a factor in many of them.

Two of the crashes were classed as fatal following the deaths of two people on the road, one in 2016 and one in 2019 and 19 of the 40 crashes were classed as serious.

In 2019, GoSafe – the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership - and Carmarthenshire County Council introduced road safety measures and began a mobile enforcement programme after both organisations carried out speed surveys and analysed collision, casualty and enforcement data. The speed was reduced from 60mph to 40mph.

The decision came to introduce the average speed camera system to help to try and make the road safer for all users.

South Wales Guardian: CrashMap data for Black Mountain RoadCrashMap data for Black Mountain Road (Image: GoSafe)

A joint statement by GoSafe and the council said: “GoSafe and Carmarthenshire County Council have been working together for a number of years to address the number of serious and fatal collisions on Black Mountain Road between Brynamman and Llangadog.

“Both organisations have conducted speed surveys, analysed historic collision/casualty and enforcement data, and evaluated the locations suitability for different types of enforcement and infrastructure changes.

“Following the previous introduction of road safety measures and the commencement of mobile enforcement in 2019, the decision has been made to introduce an average speed camera system, with the aim of making the road safer for all users and improving compliance with the speed limit.

“Speeding is a main contributor to fatal road collisions in Wales. The average speed camera system on Black Mountain Road will help to reduce collisions and keep everyone using the road safer.”

The scheme has been funded by the Welsh Government’s road safety grant.