A church in Ammanford has started opening its doors as a warm place, welcoming people in who may be struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

Ammanford English Baptist Church is now open on a Monday and a Wednesday, as the church hopes to welcome all members of the community to feel safe.

The church, located on Brynmawr Lane, is in its second week of opening its doors twice a week, and looks forward to more and more people attending the sessions.

Opening times for the church building is between 2pm and 4pm on Monday afternoons and 10am to 2pm on Wednesdays.

Church minister, Gareth Cheedy, said: “We are starting slowly, but we hope attendances increase shortly. We’re spreading the word, and waiting for posters, signs and flyers to come back.

The people at the church have said that they want all people to feel comfortable and welcome at the church, even if they are able to heat their homes.


Gareth continued: “The service is free and open to everyone. We want people to come even if it isn’t for the heat.

“We offer warmth, but also light refreshments and a friendly warm welcome. If people want company, we can offer them a chat and a cup of coffee. It’s great to see the community together again after the pandemic.

“Equally, people are free to come here and enjoy some quiet time to themselves.

“We also invite people to come for prayer, but first of all, we want people to see the building as a safe space. The church will talk for itself after that.”

Gareth added: “Once attendances increase and people know we are here for them, we are looking at developing an arts and crafts area and doing what we can to meet the needs of the people.

“We have a lot of talent in the church with crafts. We also have a new kitchen, and we want people to come here and use the facilities we have on offer. If they want a meal, they can come here and get one.

“One idea we had was to help people on lower budgets and helping teach the community how to cook well for less.”