Jonathan Edwards MP has called for greater clarity on government energy price support for businesses.

The Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP spoke during the passing of the Energy Prices Bill this week.

In the House of Commons, Mr Edwards said that many manufacturing companies in Carmarthenshire were unable to price their products, not knowing what the cost of production would be following the end of current government support.

He said that uncertainty surrounding energy prices undermined business models and economic growth and stability.

Mr Edwards also called on the UK government to guarantee equivalent support for households not on the gas grid as offered with the revised six-month price cap. 

He said the £100 currently offered didn’t match the huge increases faced by households dependent on oil, LPG and wood pellets to warm their homes. 


Mr Edwards said: “Considering the scale of the problems facing households and businesses and the scale of expenditure involved it was quite incredible that the Energy Prices Bill was rushed through its House of Commons Stages in only half a day.  

“I know the British Government seems to be imploding at the moment, but I was also surprised at the lack of interest amongst fellow MPs in the Bill. 

“In my contributions I concentrated on the challenges faced by manufacturing businesses in Carmarthenshire who have order books that go beyond six months who are unable to price their products because they have no way of knowing what the cost of production will be post April.  

“The British Government needs to act at haste in working out what support will be available after April as soon as possible. 

“If they get this wrong, it could have dire economic consequences for some of the biggest employers in Carmarthenshire.

“During the debate I again called for reassurances that off gas grid households will receive equivalent support to that offered by the cap for mains gas customers. 

“The British Government seem to think that £100 offers the same support, but constituents tell me prices have doubled.  I raised this point again during Wales Questions calling for the British Government to be transparent in their analysis.”