Ammanford Library is one of three areas across Carmarthenshire which will be open across the winter months for the public to visit and keep warm.

Starting from yesterday (Monday, October 17), the library has been open for local residents as heating costs continue to rise with winter approaching.

The other two buildings in Carmarthenshire which is allowing people to keep warm is the Carmarthenshire County Council libraries in Llanelli and Carmarthen.

Visitors to either of the council libraries will be greeted with refreshments being served, as well as having access during their time there to a television, computers and newspapers.

A spokesperson from the county council said: “The cost-of-living crisis, and in particular rising energy costs, is a very real problem and concern for everybody, with many people contemplating how they will afford to heat their homes to stay warm.

“Recognising that keeping the heating on all day, or even for part of the day, will become increasingly difficult for many of its residents, Carmarthenshire County Council is inviting those who wish to spend the day in a warm, friendly and welcoming environment, to do so at a space in one of its three main libraries.

“Our friendly staff will also be present at the libraries and will be at hand to provide visitors with advice about the cost of living and how to access potential support.” 

A programme of free events at each of the libraries is currently being scheduled. To see the events, visit

In addition to the three libraries, Carmarthenshire County Council is also encouraging communities to apply for funding to provide Warm Welcome Spaces within their communities.

New or existing projects can apply for funding from the county council, with the Warm Welcome Spaces scheme being funded through the local authority’s poverty fund.

Pre-existing initiatives such as food banks, community luncheons, sports or social groups hosting events or serving refreshments can apply for funding.

A total of £180,000 is being made available through Carmarthenshire County Council’s Poverty Fund which is funded by the Welsh Government’s Discretionary Fund and other Welsh Government’s funding schemes.