On a blustery day at Graig Campus, Drefach Under 14s maintained their 100 per cent record, putting them back on top of the table with a grinded out win against a well drilled Evans & Williams side.

With the wind behind their backs, Drefach kept knocking on the door of the hosts with O Jones, S Rhys, D Morris and E Morgan looking sharp and dangerous, but the defence was just too good.

With constant attacks being defused this usually ended up with a goal kick and credit must be given to the hosts on the way they played out from the back with ease and confidence.

With the strength of the wind one long ball always had a chance of creating something.

Siencen was the player to grab this chance with a terrific set piece from the engine man J Davies who put a perfect free kick for Siencen to meet with the head burying it into the net.

Drefach kept on attacking but knew they needed more as they would have to defend the wind in the second half.

The second half started as predicted and the visitors had to dig in from the start with the home side on the attack and looking dangerous.

D Davies in goal was brought into action straight away and his gloves would be kept warm for the whole half.

However, Drefach had periods where where they passed the ball on the floor and out of trouble.

It was one of these periods that saw the ball find Roberts who found E Morgan and broke from the halfway line out pacing the defence and put a low corner shot into the goal only to be flicked out with a terrific save but the little sniper D Morris who was everywhere upfront got hold of the ball and planted it into the goal making it 2-0.

Still not happy with the two goals due to the wind, Evans & Williams threw everything at the visitors and very often denied by the outstanding AJ, Roberts, J Thomas and Siencen at the back.

Drefach had four Thomas boys playing in the shape of James Charlie, Lewis and Harri and all four played their hearts out leaving everything on the pitch.

With three minutes left, the home side managed to break through with a untimed bounce that saw them come back with a deserved goal.

It needed everyone to dig in for the rest of the game to be seen out and within a minute the attackers were awarded a penalty.

With a strong wind behind his back the strike was sweet but Davies in goal fully stretched and put a textbook save keeping them in front.

With seconds remaining the corner was a real tester landing in a goal mouth scramble only to be cleared by the gutsy Drefach defence.

With the ball cleared the whistle went and the Drefach boys fell to the floor in relief and enjoyment. An absolute belter of a game that could have gone either way.

An entertaining match from both sets of players. A credit to the game of football