PLAID Cymru has called for the Welsh Government to ban evictions this winter and freeze rent.

Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MS Adam Price used his position as leader of the party to call on the Labour-led Welsh Government to help those in Wales with the rising cost of living.

Mr Price stated that the “renting market is broken” ahead of First Ministers Questions on September 27.

He said that rising inflation and the flawed housing system in Wales means that rents are higher here than anywhere else in the UK, with the exception of London. Mr Price used Zoopla figures for this.

He has called for Mark Drakeford to use the devolved powers to ban evictions this winter as an emergency measure, as was done during the height of the covid pandemic.

He said: “An important lesson was learnt during the pandemic: Homelessness could be ended overnight. All it needed was the political will. Now, in the face of a cost-of-living crisis, I’m calling on Welsh Government to apply that same will this winter to ban evictions.”

He also called for a freeze on rent over the winter, saying: “Beyond evictions, Welsh Government must look again at freezing all rents and provide support for those struggling to pay their mortgage due to rising interest rates.


“It’s already been labelled as a winter of discontent due to rocketing costs – Welsh Government must use all the powers at its disposal to protect the people most vulnerable to its cruel embrace.

“We need rents to be frozen, not people, who risk being unable to afford to heat their home, or worse, be forced out on to the street. Welsh Government has the power to stop this happening – they should use it.”

The Scottish Government has made a commitment to suspend evictions and freeze rents. London mayor Sadiq Khan has also requested power to freeze rents.