Care Forum Wales, the organisation responsible for representing Welsh independent care providers, has come under attack from Carmarthenshire County Council for publishing a ‘crude league table’ denying people the opportunity to see the overall picture.

The criticism comes after Care Forum Wales published a scathing report naming Carmarthenshire as one of three Welsh authorities which pay ‘unrealistically and irresponsibly low’ care home fees.

According to the report, Carmarthenshire is the third worst paying county where its dividends to care homes is ‘budget driven’ and not based on the ‘true cost of providing care’. As a result, many care homes are being forced out of business.


“Keeping their fees low for so long has contributed to a real crisis in care,” said Mario Kreft, chair of CFW.

“We're now calling on all fair-minded people in local government and the Welsh Local Government Association, to ensure they urgently review their fees.

“If, however, they continue to act unlawfully, it will put more unacceptable pressure on hard-pressed, hard-working families to make up the difference which is totally intolerable during the current cost of living crisis.”

But Care Forum Wales’ claims have been branded as unfair by Carmarthenshire cabinet member Jane Tremlett.

“We are repeatedly having to state that the language used by Care Forum Wales, even though it generates a headline, creates division when we should be presenting a united front across local authorities and providers to find long-term solution to funding social care," she said.

“In Carmarthenshire we’re proud of the support we’ve offered the sector in general but particularly the support we provided throughout the covid crisis . But naturally the costs of running residential care can vary significantly area by area and our rate reflects this; this year Carmarthenshire’s above-inflation rise to the older persons sector has been generally well supported and we’ve made a commitment to our providers to review our Cost of Care model in this financial year, by working with the whole sector in the West Wales region to rebase our model, and update where required.

“Again, this crude league table fails to see the bigger picture and consequentially is not entirely accurate or helpful. We remain committed to continuing to engage with the sector as we have done for many years.”