A hard-fought campaign to save Pembrey Country Park from being adopted by the MoD and used as a gunnery and missile-proofing centre, was this week commemorated with a seven- standing stone memorial.

The stones represent each of the seven miles of the stunning Cefn Sidan coastline.

“Pembrey Country Park wouldn’t exist as we know it without this historic and hard-fought campaign which was waged throughout the entire locality,” said a spokesperson for the Save Our Sands (SOS) campaign.

“15,000 acres of land seaward of the railway line between Pembrey and Kidwelly would have become a gunnery and missile-proofing centre prohibiting leisure activities along the shoreline between the Gower coast and Tenby.


"Without our immense fight against the government of the day and the MoD, we’d be living in a very different environment to the one we’re privileged to enjoy today.”

The SOS campaign took effect between 1969 and 1971 and now, 50 years later, seven standing stones have been erected as well as a plaque telling the story of the campaign and the reason why the country part was created.

Pembrey Country Park has also launched an Augmented Reality Historic Trail which takes people back to the events of WW1 and WW2.

To download, search ‘Pembrey Historical Trail’ on the ‘App Store’ for iphones or ‘Google Store’ for android phones.

Commenting on the new memorial, Carmarthenshire’s cabinet member Cllr Gareth John said and how fortunate south west Wales is to have an area like Pembrey Country Park.

“With its 500 acres of glorious woodlands to explore, seven miles of golden sandy beaches, and lots of activities for all the family to enjoy, it’s the perfect day out,” he said.

“But it’s also important that we remember the history of the park, and all those people who fought to save our sands. Because without them, we wouldn’t have the park that we know and love today.

“I’m delighted that this memorial has been put in place to tell this amazing story and the campaign’s triumph.”