Carmarthenshire’s drivers are the 'worst in Wales' - and the second worst in the whole of the UK - when it comes to exceeding the legal speed limit.

The shocking information has been made available as a result of the black box devices that are fitted into cars in an effort to bring down insurance costs.

Comprehensive analysis of the black box data has been carried out by insurance brokers Adrian Flux who have compiled a list of the ten worst areas in the UK.

Carmarthenshire sits in second place behind Ealing, west London.

On average, 87.1 per cent of the app’s users receive serious warnings about their speeding, which is by far the highest number for the whole of Wales.


The black box (also known as a telematics box) is a self-fitting device which sits on the inside of a car windscreen and tracks journeys.

The idea is that safe driving can be rewarded because daily updates are uploaded to an app which show the previous 24 hours’ worth of driving habits in the hope of bringing down a renewal quote for car insurance.

But the latest statistics suggest that old habits die hard as far as Carmarthenshire’s motorists are concerned.

In June 2020, no fewer than 140 people were caught speeding on a single stretch of the A40 to the west of Carmarthen in just one day.

And between June and October 2020, an average of 96 drivers were caught speeding for every hour that an officer from GoSafe Cymru monitored the speed along that stretch.

The speeding offences did not stipulate the age of the drivers involved, as the statistics were based on motorists of all ages.

However the data analysed and released by Adrian Flux, which covers Carmarthenshire as a whole, relates mainly to drivers between the ages of 17 and 19 as most people only use a telematics box during the first two years after passing their driving test.