Castell Howell Foods has made yet another major inroad in the catering sector after announcing its collaboration with Wales’ largest independent contract caterer, Just Perfect Catering Ltd.

The latest collaboration means that Castell Howell Foods will now start devising a lower carbon menu enabling a sustainable blueprint to be created for suppliers and customers.

“The sustainable food movement has become a driving factor in consumers’ decisions but as a result, it means that the food and beverage industry faces some unique challenges regarding sustainability,” said Kathryn Jones, Sales Director at Castell Howell Foods.

“We look forward to collaborating to address these issues.”


The new initiative will look into a number of elements involved in the sustainability of the food chain, including biodiversity and nature stewardship, community engagement and the reduction of plastics.

Castell Howell suppliers which will be included in the initiative are Authentic Curry, Llaeth Y Llan, Radnor Hills and Celtic Pride Premium Beef and the aim is to establish a responsible supply chain which will be promoted on menus developed by Just Perfect Catering.

“Since the inception of Just Perfect Catering, our focus has been on how sourcing food from Wales impacts the local economy and communities,” said Louise Owens, Director at Just Perfect Catering.

“And hand in hand with this, we have to consider how it translates to an assurance of high quality, fully traceable food for our customers.

“Over 90 per cent of our produce comes directly from Welsh suppliers, and we’re excited to be expanding this further by strengthening our partnership with Castell Howell and their network of Welsh suppliers.”

Meanwhile  Louise Owens is keen to see other Welsh producers following Castell Howell's example.

“Responsible businesses across Wales could follow the example of Castell Howell and use their purchasing power to select and engage suppliers and business partners," she said.

"This will foster local economic growth as well as driving resilience and environmental sustainability.”