When Craig Evans was no bigger than a seal, his inquisitive mind began exploring the massive subject of marine wildlife.

“I suppose I was around six years old when I first went out picking cockles," he says.

"From that day onwards, I wanted to find out everything I could about what lives in the sea, what lives on the shore, what do they eat and how do they survive.

"In other words, I wanted to know all I could about marine biology."

Now, almost six decades later and following a diverse career comprising 12 years in the RAF, 17 years managing a bank and the remainder of time owning and managing a 40-acre woodland, Craig has returned to his roots after setting up ‘Coastal Foraging’.

“Every day is a school day for me,” he explains from his home in Penygroes.

“It’s not just about what’s out there but how the waves and the tides are changing and influencing things.

"And this is what I want to try and impress on everyone who comes foraging with me.

"It’s not just about finding seafood but discovering all the different aspects surrounding it such as the geology, the geography and the history of the area. 

"And then of course people need to be aware of sustainability. The area around us here in Carmarthenshire is particularly fruitful and providing that everyone respects it and takes a bit of care when they’re here, then all is fine.”

Craig ‘s foraging area extends from Pembrey in the East and westwards to St Davids.

On Monday (May 16) Channel 4 viewers will get a chance to see him foraging when he’s joined by Ainsley Harriott and Grace Dent in the new television series Best of British By the Sea.

“Ainsley and Grace wanted to find out about cockles so we went up to Llansteffan which is an excellent cockling area because of the shallow seas and sheltered beaches.”

And once the cockles had been gathered, Craig cooked them on the beach with an assortment of sea vegetables and sea radishes all served up in oyster shells.

Best of British By the Sea will be on Channel 4 (More), this Monday, May 16, at 9pm.