You can now enjoy a taste of Exmoor, literally, with a new gin that is inspired by a Llanwrda resident's love of Exmoor ponies.

Sue Burger is a trustee of the Exmoor Pony Society and despite being many miles from Exmoor has her own Exmoor ponies. Sue suggested that The Exmoor Pony Society (EPS) commission a special limited edition gin to raise funds to help the Society's work and celebrate its centenary this year. And who better to make the gin than her son Jake, who is a Master Distiller.

Sue has a long connection with Exmoor ponies, having bred, shown and ridden them for 35 years as well as being a judge, foal inspector and past president of the EPS. She says: “We are really excited to be able to offer our members, supporters and the wider public the opportunity to purchase a high quality gin from a well-known distillery. We hope it will help to raise the profile of Exmoor ponies as well as providing some income to further the Society's work.”

The gin is distilled at The Distillery, Notting Hill. Jake was very keen for The Distillery to be involved with raising money for the ponies and spent time researching botanicals with a connection to Exmoor. His research has culminated in a unique Exmoor inspired gin.

Jake says: “The Distillery is proud to be contributing towards one of Britain's rarest and most beautiful native equine breeds.

“The gin we have created is a classic London Dry style of gin with a strong juniper character. Its unique flavour is inspired by the ecosystem of Exmoor. Alongside the more traditional botanicals, local whortleberry, heather flower, honey and samphire are in its botanical ingredients.” He goes on to describe the gin as “having a subtle floral aroma, and a notably dry slightly coastal finish.”

The gin is on sale for home delivery at and a £5 donation towards the Exmoor Pony Society is made for every bottle sold.