The Met Office are warning that high winds associated with Storm Arwen are likely to cause travel disruption and damage to property in west Wales.

An Amber weather alert is still in place for Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire, with warnings of strong winds until 9am on Saturday, 27 November.

Storm Arwen will bring very strong northerly winds into coastal parts of Wales, with gusts of 60 to 70 mph widely expected, and gusts in excess of 70 mph in some areas.

Stephen Dixon, a Met Office spokesman, said: “Storm Arwen has been named on the back of a deep low-pressure system moving to the north-east of the UK, which has brought about our amber wind warning on Friday.

“The worst affected areas will predominantly be on the coasts, with gusts of over 75mph bringing possible disruption to travel and longer journey times, power cuts, flying debris and large waves with beach material being thrown around.

“There is also a yellow warning of wind in place along the west coast of the UK and this reflects the impact Storm Arwen will have, with strong winds likely to occur into Saturday, when the warning is extended to most parts of the UK."

The RNLI said it was encouraging people to exercise extreme caution if visiting the shoreline, especially along exposed cliffs, seafronts and piers.

Ross Macleod, the lifeboat charity's water safety manager, said the storm could make visits to coasts around north and west Wales "treacherous" with "very dangerous sea conditions".

Meanwhile the RAC has advised drivers to prepare for strong gusts by slowing down and being “very careful” when passing high-sided vehicles or cyclists.

Spokesman Simon Williams said: “In extreme windy conditions, bridges may also be closed and trees may fall so it’s important to allow extra time for journeys.

“With forecasters predicting strong winds together with colder conditions, drivers should take this opportunity to prepare their vehicles for extreme conditions."

An amber warning for most of west Wales is in place from midnight until 9am on Saturday and a yellow warning is then in place until 6pm.