Cwmaman Food Pantry is on the lookout for an extra pair of hands as it expands its services.

The Food Pantry – named Y Pantri - allows those in need to choose food and items for themselves instead of the service it was providing throughout the Covid lockdowns, where people received a pre-packed parcel as part of the award-winning Cwmaman Food Bank.

Organiser Marissa Sweeney Aris explains: “At the beginning of the pandemic we started the food bank for the people of Cwmaman and in order to sustain the project we moved over to the pantry.

“We receive redistributed food from Fair Share and we also work with the Food Share Coop and we now charge a small amount of money for people to become members and buy the food.

“People do however receive a lot more food than those items because the food we get from Food Share is passed on to those in need, free of charge.”

Marissa said the new scheme allows its members to do a weekly shop for their family, whilst keeping the bill at a fixed, affordable price.

“It’s about giving choice and dignity to individuals so that they can come to the community centre in Glanaman and choose the food they want,” said Marissa.

“We also have a free fresh fruit section for individuals.

“The charge is to sustain the redistributed food aspect of it because we have to pay for the Fair Share – a national organisation.”

Y Pantri community shop is located in Cwmaman Community Centre, High Street, Glanaman and is open twice a week.

To be part of the scheme the annual membership charge is £2 with a further weekly charge for the food – 10 items for £3 or 15 items for £4.50.

The Food Pantry is now on the lookout for a member of staff to join the team.

Marissa added: “We have managed to secure a grant that means we can recruit a part-time member of staff for four months to work in the kitchen and café alongside the volunteers. The role of the individual is to prepare low-cost nutritional meals and to support the function of the community café.”

For further information contact Marissa Sweeney Aris by emailing or ring 07776241865 by November 22.