Many Tears Animal Rescue is appealing for help as it looks to make new puppies at the centre comfortable.

The rescue, in Cefneithin, near Llanelli, has had a new intake of puppies and is hoping to create a new room for them.

Many Tears are looking for French windows which could be used to create the new room, and are appealing for help.

A post on the group’s Facebook page said: “We are looking for some French windows to make a lovely new puppy room for all of our puppies.

“Does anyone have any that they would be willing to sell at low cost to the rescue?

“We are also looking for the help of some extra strong people who would be willing and able to help us divert a building so that we can rebuild with non-wood materials.”

The rescue centre is also looking for qualified vets who can help care for the new dogs and puppies.

They need vets who are capable of spaying a neutering the animals.

The post said: “We are also still looking for qualified vets to help us catch up on our spaying and neutering.”

If you can help Many Tears Animal Rescue, email

Many Tears Animal Rescue is based in Carmarthenshire.

For those wishing to volunteer, the address is Cwmlogin House, Cefneithin, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, SA14 7HB