The Clink Miners' Memorial Garden Group has been awarded a new garden package by environmental charity Keep Wales Tidy.

They are one of the first in the country to benefit from this year’s local places for nature scheme.

Clink Miners' Memorial Garden Group will be creating a miners' memorial garden at Y Goedlan, Woodland Road, Ystradowen. All the plants, tools and materials are being provided for free by Keep Wales Tidy.

Phil Turner from the ‘Clink’ Miners' Memorial Garden group said: "In 1959 there was outcry over the closure of the Cwmllynfell anthracite colliery, this isolated villages at the top end of the Twrch Valley which now faced economic ruin. Cwmllynfell Colliery closed the ‘Lower Vein’ on the February 2, 1959.

"The number of men who lost their jobs were 253 men underground and 41 men on the surface.

"Following the demise of the coal industry, employment opportunities moved away from the mining communities to out of town retail parks.

"The forgotten mineworkers of Cwmllynfell Colliery who once toiled underground found themselves jobless after mining ended. And there are also tragic tales lurking behind the fond memories, of scores of men who died in accidents and disasters.

"Clink Miners Memorial Garden Group consider this has being a very worthwhile scheme as it will certainly go a long way in encourage more people to ‘Keep Wales Tidy’."

Last year, more than 500 small gardens across Wales were created, restoring, and enhancing community groups and organisations of all shapes and sizes got involved – from disability charities and youth groups to social enterprises and career groups.

Deputy Chief Executive for Keep Wales Tidy, Louise Tambini said: “Over the twelve months, more people than ever have come to appreciate the value of nature on their doorstep. But urgent action must be taken to give reverse its decline.

“We’re delighted that ‘Clink’ Miners' Memorial Garden Group now has the opportunity to make a real difference through Local Places for Nature. We hope other communities will be inspired to get involved.”

The initiative is part of a wider Welsh Government ‘Local Places for Nature’ fund committed to creating, restoring, and enhancing nature ‘on your doorstep’.

Hundreds of free garden packages are available. To apply, visit the Keep Wales Tidy website