The Welsh Government has announced it is providing £3m in 2021-22 to support respite and the development of a short breaks fund for unpaid carers.

The funding will help more carers in Carmarthenshire to get the time and breathing space they need to manage their health and wellbeing.

Findings from Carers Week found that 72 per cent of unpaid carers in Wales haven’t had a break from their role during the pandemic. It also found that this skilled but unpaid work saved Wales up to £12 billion since the first lockdown.

The Deputy Minister for Social Services, Julie Morgan said the new fund will extend and improve the availability and quality of respite services.

Welcoming the new fund, Llanelli MS Lee Waters said: “Unpaid carers face real difficulties accessing timely breaks from their demanding roles. Their contribution is extraordinary, saving nearly £33 million every day of this pandemic with the care they provide. It goes without saying that our NHS simply would not have been able to cope during this last year without the contribution of unpaid carers. I’m pleased that this new Welsh Government funding will help develop more flexible, bespoke support, because there is no one size fits all form of respite.”