Police have issued a warning over the latest scam.

Carmarthenshire residents are being contacted by fraudsters as part of a scam known as ‘courier fraud’.

A Dyfed-Powys police spokesperson said: “The criminals call you out of the blue, pretending to be police officers, and advising you about fraudulent activity on your bank account or card.

“They will then move to asking for personal information or even PIN to verify who you are, before in some cases offering to collect your card from you to save you the trouble of having to go to your bank or local police station.

“These callers are criminals, who will try to gain your trust.”

You can help protect yourself from scams by following these steps:

Do not engage in conversation with them.

Do not allow anyone to arrange collection of bank cards.

Put the phone down.

Block the number they called from.

Do not call any number provided to you during the call. If you need to contact your bank, use the number on your card.

Report any suspected scam online at http://orlo.uk/qcP2r, by emailing contactcentre@dyfed-powys.pnn.police.uk, or by calling 101.