CARMARTHENSHIRE County Council’s Actif Sir Gâr team is supporting sports clubs to re-start activities following months of suspension due to Covid-19.

Welsh Government has eased restrictions to allow groups of up to 30 people to take part in organised non-contact sport outdoors.

Local sport clubs are being encouraged to work with the National Governing Body for their sport to plan and prepare for resuming group activity sessions and to ensure the risks of Covid-19 are understood and carefully managed.

There are guidelines around contact, the use of shared equipment, PPE and cleaning.

The Actif Sir Gâr team have provided a central point of contact for all sport providers and have supported clubs with information and guidance as they begin to reintroduce outdoor activities.

Cllr Peter Hughes Griffiths, executive board member for culture, sport and tourism, said: “After a difficult few months we’re pleased to see a gradual return to sport, but of course this has to be approached carefully and responsibly to ensure activities are as safe as they can be.

“Our Actif team is ready and able to support clubs and answer questions, and we ask clubs and activity providers to get in touch so we can provide any necessary guidance.”