FIVE old oak trees will be destroyed if a housing development goes to plan in the Amman Valley.

That is the fear of campaigners angry at developer's proposals for new homes in Garnant.

Garnant county councillor Kevin Madge has written to Carmarthenshire council calling for a preservation order on five large oak trees on Bishop Road, Garnant.

The trees could be cut down if housing development plan goes ahead.

But Cllr Madge said officers at the council's conservation section claim the trees "do not meet certain standards to justify legal protection".

When making tree assessments the council has to take in to account the visibility, size and form, health and potential for future amenity value, rarity, cultural and historical value and the relationship with the wider landscape.

It is understood the officers, following discussions with a tree officer, feel the oak trees are of "insufficient quality to justify the making of a tree preservation order."

Disagreeing with the decision, Cllr Madge said: "The council has declared an environmental emergency and this woodland is important for the environment, local people and wildlife who live there.

"The county council are going against their own policy of protecting our already fragile environment. I will continue with my campaign to stop this woodland from being destroyed."

Bishop Road resident Trevor Barber added: "As a local resident I think it is important to protect what we already have here. We have a lot of history in the Amman Valley that is being forgotten about because developments are rolling in and taking away important parts of our landscape.

"Once these trees are gone, they are gone. It will be a great shame if that happens."