AN AMMANFORD Inn has opened up their doors to NHS frontline workers for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Red Kite, in Pontamman Road, is housing a number of NHS workers who are helping to battle Covid-19.

The workers are staying in three of the properties B&B rooms free of charge.

Owners, Rhodri Samuel and Harley Stratford, were hoping to ease some of the problems for frontline workers who were protecting family members at home.

Explaining their thought process, Harley said: "I have worked in auxiliary care in the NHS before so have a great appreciation for everything they do.

"I have got an inkling of what is going on and we could see people struggling to protect their families as they were worried about bringing the coronavirus home with them.

"We had these spare rooms and it seemed like the right thing to do."

The pair put the offer out through The Red Kite's Facebook page, saying: “Rhodri and I have decided as our b&b rooms are available at the moment we would like to offer them free of charge to front line NHS members of staff during this pandemic."

Within six minutes, the offer had been gratefully accepted by local NHS workers, who work at Morriston and Glangwili hospitals.

Harley added: "We have given out three of our B&B rooms to NHS workers whose families have been shielding.

"They have been here for the full nine weeks because we know how important it is that they are given security at this time.

"When we offered them out we had filled them within six minutes.

"We are glad we are able to do something to support our frontline workers in the area."