CARMARTHEN East and Dinefwr MP Jonathan Edwards has questioned UK Health Minister Matt Hancock over concerns around Wales's share of a potential Covid-19 vaccine.

Mr Edwards pointed at the lack of clarity in the British Government’s statements on a vaccine, after the Prime Minister’s column in the Mail on Sunday said there “may never be a vaccine”, and a Government announcement that said they hoped to have 30 million vaccines ready for use in the UK by September.

The MP then questioned Mr Hancock how the people of Wales could have confidence in such statements made by the Westminster Government, following the allocation of PPE and Covid testing between Wales and England.

Mr Edwards said the Government had undermined a deal that would have seen 5,000 Coronavirus tests a day conducted in Wales.

He said there are concerns that a similar situation could arise with any potential vaccine.

In the House of Commons, Mr Edwards asked: “Considering the way Wales has been stitched up by the British Government over the distribution of PPE and testing, what confidence can the people of Wales have that we will have our fair share of vaccines once one is developed?"

In his response, Mr Hancock said that it would be a UK-wide policy, with the first 30 million doses being offered to the most vulnerable, later scaling up to 100 million doses. He note that vaccine science was an “uncertain” business, and therefore no one could be sure that a safe and effective vaccine would ever develop.

Following the debate, Mr Edwards said: “The Health Secretary’s perspective seems to be completely at odds with that of the Prime Minister, but this isn’t surprising considering the complete lack of clarity from the Conservative government in recent weeks.

"To suggest Wales has access to UK-wide facilities, when non-essential travel is being actively discouraged, is completely disingenuous.”