A CAPEL Hendre man has composed a song of support for NHS staff during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chris Symons wrote ‘Shine a Rainbow’ for the NHS staff and hopes to be able to publish the song in order to raise money for NHS charities.

Mr Symons, a composer, believes the song could become an anthem for frontline workers who are going above and beyond during the pandemic.

He said: “It started as a conversation with my friend Jenny Bailey in Kent.

“We mentioned writing a song for the NHS. I am not the best with lyrics, but within ten minutes Jenny had sent over the lyrics and I set about reworking them into the song.

"Within the half an hour I had the verses, the chorus, the middle eight, everything."

Over the next few days, Chris started working on the music for the song.

"I usually write the music first and then work the lyrics around that, but this one was different," he explained.

"Over the next few days the music started to take shape. Once it was finished I put a recording of it on my Facebook page and it received a really positive response.

"Then on VE day there wasn't much we were able to do from our homes, but I thought I would take my piano out on to the drive and perform a little concert for our street.

"I played a few songs and then thought I would finish off with 'Shine a Rainbow'.

"They were really positive and we thought we could try and harness that to raise some money for the NHS."

Chris, originally from Kent, had been planning to record the song at a studio in Llangennech, but the week before he was scheduled to attend, he was taken into hospital.

He is now hoping that others in the area will be able to help him record the song and enable it to raise money for the NHS charities.

He added: "I’m now looking for the best way to move forward, and wondering if there was anyone out there who could help with that, to know how we can move forward."

Chris has made a recording of the song from home which has been published on Youtube.

You can hear the song here.