AMMANFORD police have warned parents to make sure their children stay at home after finding young people in parks and on Betws Mountain during the coronavirus lockdown.

Officers are patrolling the streets in the Amman Valley ensuring people are adhering to the Government’s strict guidelines to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered people to stay in their homes in a ministerial broadcast on Monday evening.

But youngsters appear to be flouting the coronavirus lockdown after police spotted a group of youths on Wednesday night (March 25).

Ammanford police issued a warning on social media to parents saying: “Ammanford police are continuing daily patrols visiting local food outlets, pharmacies, parks and hot spots. Youths are still congregating at the parks and on Betws mountain view points. Parents/Guardians we are asking you to keep children/family at home #StayAtHomeSaveLives"