People of Llandeilo have been rallying support for their linked community in New South Wales as bushfires continue to rage across Australia.

A total of 4.9m hectares – an area larger than Denmark – has been destroyed in the state during the nationwide fire crisis, according to the latest figures released by the Rural Fire Service.

Llandeilo Councillor Edward Thomas has pledged to help the volunteer community firefighters of Llandilo, a suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales.

Llandilo was formerly known as Terry Brook until the 1860s. Its name change is derived from our very own Llandeilo Fawr, which back then was also spelt Llandilo.

The strong links between the two communities have continued over the years and back in 2008/09 Llandeilo received visitors from their Australian counterparts who stopped by the local primary schools as part of their visit.

Cllr Thomas said: "Watching the news of the bush fires around Sydney prompted me to think about the township named after Llandeilo.

"They have retained (on-call) firefighters at Llandilo Rural Fire Brigade just like we do in town and are coming under great pressure, so I would like to rally the troops and see what we can do to support them in some way."

A Facebook post from Cllr Thomas has gained support with residents and the local schools both offering to help with fundraisers.

Cllr Thomas added: "I will raise the matter at the next council meeting on Wednesday and speak with the local fire station to think of how we can find a way to support the firefighters at Llandilo.

"Our thoughts are with them."

A spokesperson for Llandilo Fire Brigade said: "Llandilo Rural Fire Brigade is a team of amazing volunteer firefighters and the continued support is one of many contributors that keeps us going!"