A SPECIAL memorial bench has been unveiled in Penybanc, remembering an Ammanford legend, Coley the Collie.

Over the last 11 years, Coley the Collie was a part of the Penybanc community sitting in the side of the road watching passers-by between 5.45pm and 6.45pm every day putting a big smile on people’s faces.

Some tooted their horn when they drove past, some stopped to pet him, and some felt comfort when they spotted him because they knew they were nearly home.

Owners Lesley Llewellyn-Owen and Phil Owen, along with their two sons Joshua and Kieran Jones, were left heartbroken when Coley sadly passed away in July.

A memorial bench has now been installed to remember him.

The idea was an organic one, Lesley explained: “Before all the publicity people were leaving tributed for coley, the bench was covered with flowers and gifts for over seven weeks.

“Jane Edwards-John who works in Iceland in Ammanford decided she’d help. She asked my permission to get authorisation for the bench. She has worked tirelessly supporting and helping everyone. We can’t thank her enough.

“The bench took a while to make, I added the personalised discs and felt it had to be like Coley, black and white.

“I hope everyone will smile, be happy and feel a little comforted when they pass and see it.”

Coley has been added to the list of dogs memorialised worldwide, along with Swansea Jack and Hachito the Akita Dog.

Mrs Llewellyn-Owen added: “Coley was so intelligent and very comical, my home was always full of laughter. It’s silent and empty without him.

“Reading and listening to everyone who knew him and their memories has been a wonderful help. People knew they were home when they saw him.

“But, to many he meant a great deal more. They’d become dependent on him, he made their sadness bearable. They looked forward to seeing him.

“We want to thank everyone for their kindness, flowers, gifts and donations. A special thanks to Jane Edwards-John, Chris-y-Crydd and the gentleman who bought his own plaque.”