A shopper at Ammanford Tesco has vented her anger at the supermarket giant after members of staff allegedly laughed at a disabled person.

The man, with no arms, was shopping in Tesco in the afternoon of November 14.

The woman who witnessed the incident claimed the employees were very polite when serving him, but it was when the man walked off that they are alleged to have started “laughing and joking”.

Taking to social media, the shopper posted on Tesco’s Facebook page to vent her anger and disgust.

She said: “A lovely gentleman was in front of me in the que (an amazing man) he had no arms, he was using his feet to put his groceries in the counter to pay and collect his change.

“The young man that served him was very polite to him but as soon as he walked off started laughing and joking to the other woman behind the counter. Saying how he had to put his change into his foot uuugh.”

She also claimed to overhear the female member of staff say, “why do you think I didn’t come to serve – you got him this time.”

The shopper continued: “People like you need to take a good look in the mirror and realise that many people have different things they have to struggle through or adapt changes in their lives.

“Absolutely disgusting behaviour you should be ashamed.”

Tesco has confirmed it is investigating.

A spokeswoman said: “This behaviour is not acceptable and we are urgently looking into what happened.

“Everyone is welcome at Tesco and providing an excellent customer experience to all is a core part of our values.”