Ammanford Lions Club has played a vital role in reaching over 3,000 children in 12 primary schools in their community with children’s books and teaching resources on ocean plastic. A set of books has also been given to Ammanford Library.

The books are written by author and illustrator team Ellie Jackson and Laura Callwood from Cornwall.

The books are true stories about the problem of ocean plastic which bring the issue to the children’s level.

They follow three well-loved animals as they encounter plastic bags, balloons and fishing nets and each book is written in a positive and hopeful light to inspire the next generation to tackle the issues.

Ammanford Lion President Rhian Thomas said: “Ellie’s books are perfect for the younger members of our community to engage in this issue and with the Lion’s support we are pleased to bring this project to all of our local schools.

“As a Lions Club we are actively involved in caring for the local environment and we will do everything we can to help support the children in making a difference.”

Staff at Ammanford Library added: “We are delighted to receive these books. We are addressing the issue of ocean plastic in our non fiction section but do not have any picture books which cover this important matter.”

Schools will be asked to use the books to inspire the children to make a difference in their community by organising beach cleans, litter picks, setting up recycling stations and importantly they will be asking their children to write letters to local businesses asking them to stop their use of single use plastic.

These books are the catalyst for the whole community to get behind campaigns such as Refill, Plastic Free Communities run by Surfers Against Sewage and to get involved in 2 Minute Beach Cleans or litter picks.

Ellie is asking for the wider community, businesses and individuals to support the children’s efforts by making small changes which will collectively make a big difference to our environment.

She said: "Refuse single use plastic such as straws and disposable coffee mugs and know that you are helping to preserve our fragile environment and wildlife."