A GARNANT man has hit out at Carmarthenshire County Council over their failure to respond to complaints when a council built fence collapsed onto a children’s climbing frame.

Bryan Twomey, of Maes Yr Hendre, warned the council that a fence, built by them at the rear of his property, was in a state of disrepair last year.

He and a neighbour could see the wooden fence leaning away from its posts.

Despite the warnings, nothing was done to the fence, and a few weeks ago the fence collapsed onto a child’s climbing frame.

Since collapse, Mr Twomey and his neighbour have contacted the council numerous times to try and get it repaired, but have been unable to speak to someone about it, or get it fixed.

He said: “One day the ocuncil came around and removed the wire fence we had on the boundary and replaced it with this wooden fence.

“Since then we took the view that it was their fence. No one asked us about it.

“We rang them in February to say it was leaning and was about to come away but we got nothing back.

“Around two weeks ago, the high winds meant that the fence blew down and landed on a climbing frame.

“If a child had been on there when it blew over it could have been a lot worse, fortunately they were not.”

Since the collapse, Mr Twomey has contacted the council to report the problem, and each time has been told he would be phoned back, but never has.

He added: “It is the disrespect and lack of concern that has angered me.

“We told them it was leaning. We told them it was going to fall. We told them what was around it. And they didn’t act.

“Our garden are open and both have dogs who are getting out whilst you probably go home to your neat gardens.

“The lack of interest, response, communication or action by Carmarthenshire County Council is unbelievably staggering and needs an internal investigation as minimum.

"The fence was erected by their contractors when all the improvements were being made to the council properties. They removed my maintenance free fence without discussion and without permission and erected a fence which has since rotted.”

Carmarthenshire County Council were approached for comment.