A40 Trunk Road resurfacing works will continue through Llandovery town centre for a section length running from the Castle Hotel through to the High Street near Swan Bridge this Sunday, July 14.

A statement from SWTRA reads: “In consideration of the difficulties previously encountered, and in attempting to alleviate the potential risk of a repeat of the traffic problems and illegal manoeuvres experienced in Llandovery town on Sunday, June 23 and 30, drivers are reminded that the A40 trunk road will be closed for through traffic from 7am until 6pm on July 14.

“All local roads will be open and accessible as normal therefore it is advisable to plan your route sensibly in advance to avoid travelling through the town.

“A40 road closure signage is provided at Brecon, Sennybridge and Trecastle to advise traffic intending to travel along the A40 to Llandovery of the officially designated diversion route from Brecon via A470 to Builth Wells and via A483 Llandovery.

“Any traffic attempting to enter the town from the A40 from the East will be prevented from doing so via a ‘Hard Closure’ and will be re-directed back towards the officially designated diversion along the designated diversion routes i.e Brecon via A470 – Builth Wells via A483 – Llandovery.

“A single access/egress point to/from the main Llandovery Car Park will be maintained opposite the West End Café throughout the day. There will be NO other access into or egress from the car park.”

The following measures are also being introduced to assist residents whilst the works are in progress.

· 3-way lights to be situated on Stone Street and Victoria Crescent with "Residents Only" signage at Llanfair Road. The Junction will be manned to prevent heavy vehicles and towed caravans, horse boxes etc from turning into Stone Street from Llanfair Road.

· Garden Lane to be one way to vehicles driving West bound onto A40. The Junction will be manned.

· Orchard Street to become a one-way street (in opposite direction) with access onto Queen Street only. The A40 end of both Orchard Street and Gelli Deg will be CLOSED. (residents will be informed via a letter drop).

· Traffic Hard closure to be set in place at High Street bridge. (pavement pedestrian access will be maintained)

· Hard closure at Broad Street entrance and A40 at the same location preventing vehicles travelling towards War Memorial/Pinch point. This junction to be manned to allow surfacing vehicles in and out.

· Car Park entrance/egress opposite West End Cafe to remain open to the public. No access/egress allowed at Eastern end of carpark.