There is a new face in Cwmderi and things in the Cwm will never be the same again.

Ammanford actor Gareth Jewell, who is a familiar face to fans of dramas such as Bang and Gwaith Cartref, plays the part of Dylan, and he has joined Pobol y Cwm in a very dramatic way.

He rescued Kelly (Lauren Phillips) as her husband Ed (Geraint Todd) tried to take her with him over the side of a cliff. Dylan happened to come across the pair and rescued Kelly as Ed fell to his death.

“I didn’t just want to turn up – this was a great way to come in to the series – playing the hero,” said Gareth who is originally from Ammanford. “But there is a bit of mystery to Dylan’s character.”

After the heroic rescue, the next time we see Dylan, he is driving in to Cwmderi in a flashy car to visit his sister Jaclyn (Mali Harries).

“Dylan is obviously well off – he’s always got a lot of cash on him and a condom in his wallet. He’s ready for anything,” said Gareth. “But for some reason he’s staying on his sister’s sofa in Cwmderi. He has a quiet way about him, but he is also a bit of a charmer.”

Cwmderi’s new bad boy is likely to rattle some cages and he will be a challenge to some of the old guard.

“Dylan does shake up some of the residents of Cwmderi – he is a bit of a catalyst,” said Gareth. “Although he isn’t a bad man exactly, he’s far from being a good guy – basically he doesn’t like who he is. But he doesn’t judge anybody, probably because he has done much worse things himself.”

Dylan is very popular with the ladies of Cwmderi and this builds up to a big storyline at the end of the year – but obviously Gareth isn’t revealing anything more at this point.

Gareth has had a couple of auditions for Pobol y Cwm over the years.

“I went for the role of Gethin, but Simon Watts got the part – I remember Simon teaching me how to clog dance! I also went for the part of Ed so it’s quite ironic that Ed is leaving and that I am starting,” said Gareth.

Joining Pobol y Cwm is not the only change in Gareth Jewell’s life recently. In the last week he has become a father for the third time. Gareth lives on Anglesey with his wife, who is a teacher and their sons Wiliam (five) and Tomos (three) and new baby Joseff.

“Joseff was 12 days late and although I was able to do a little bit of re-scheduling, I was stuck in the studio during the birth. But everybody is happy, healthy and doing well,” said Gareth.