A Swansea Valley man has offered to pay for a road sign to ensure that no accidents occur on a busy one-way street in his hometown.

Malcom Jones, who has lived in Ystradgynlais for over 30 years, has told The Guardian that there is a ‘severe problem’ at Ystradgynlais Cross where there is not appropriate signage to signal Station Road is a one-way street.

Mr Jones first reported the issue to Powys County Council in January this year and was told that the works would be carried out in a matter of weeks, but there is still no sign after almost six months.

He said: “Motorists are continuously doing u-turns on Station Road because the first sign notifying drivers that the road is a one-way street is 60 yards down the road.

“The original one-way road sign was apparently taken down during a refurbishment but it was never replaced or put back up.

“Someone is going to get seriously injured or end up in a fatal incident one day if this continues on any longer.”

“I have even offered to pay for the sign myself as I am that concerned for the safety of others.”

Mr Jones believes that visitors who are travelling to the nearby Quids In Garden Centre have also been caught in the issue and he doesn’t understand what is taking so long.

“Over the last five months emails have gone back and forth between Powys County Council and myself but nothing has been done,” he said.

“I have been in a few near-misses myself on the road and something should be done soon and I would like to know why it has been left so long.”

Mr Jones has also reported the issue to the police who say it is the council’s concern.

A spokesperson for Powys County Council said: “Although there are already one-way signs on Station Road, we are aware of this issue and have arranged for additional signage to be installed at the appropriate location to show drivers that Station Road is a one-way street.

“The signs are waiting to be installed but one of the ornamental posts has to be changed and this has to be specially made, which takes time.

“We want to remind drivers that Station Road is a one-way street and that the police are responsible for enforcing moving traffic offences.”