A Llandeilo sheep farmer is looking for love as part of a BBC television show.

Love in the Countryside is a six-part BBC Two series that sees seven rural dwellers from across the UK enlist the help of farmer’s daughter and BBC DJ Sara Cox in their quest for love.

Shepherd Ioan Jones already has one great love in his life – his flock of 450 sheep – and one day hopes to buy his own farm.

But being a sheep farmer is sometimes lonely work and the 25-year-old would love to meet someone special to share his passion for the countryside with.

Ioan, who says he hasn’t got a type, said: "I’d say I’d make a good boyfriend.

“I know I’m a busy guy and I’ve got a lot of work at home but when it does come to finding that right person, I do put 100% into it."

“It’ll be nice to find someone that can fit into my lifestyle really - willing to give me a hand and put some wellies on. Someone that doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty.

“Farming started off as just a hobby and now it’s increased to a full-time job.

“I’d say I’m quite romantic. I’m the kind of guy who turns up with chocolates and flowers.

“I love the close community I live in. If there’s sheep in the road they’ll phone you.

“Everyone knows the sheep.

“It would be nice to have somebody to go home to and to have a chat with about your day.”

Speaking about his son’s future girlfriend, Ioan’s dad said: “Ioan has always been outside, never been one of these on computers.

“She will have to be outgoing.”

With seven hotties in wellies gearing up to find the love of their life, television producers need applicants to find the romance amongst sheep dips, milking, and mucking out. Could it be you?

To be in with a chance of dating Ioan or any of the other six singletons, you need to visit the Love in the Countryside homepage and click on your Mr or Mrs Right.