PLANNING permission has been granted for a new three-bed home in Crugybar after a councillor argued refusing the application would contravene the Human Rights Act.

The application for a new home at Llettylicky, went before councillors at a planning meeting last Thursday.

It had been recommended for refusal by Carmarthenshire County Council’s planning officer due to the proposed location of the new building, and the visual impact that could have.

However, a number of councillors spoke in favour of the new home at the meeting.

Councillor Eirwyn Williams said: “Unfortunately, there is a difference of opinion between myself and the planning officer but today was an opportunity for you all to view the situation for yourselves.

“There is a lot of talk about the beauty of the area, and I looked down there on the Llansawel Basin today, and saw there were two farms spread out across the village, that is the community.

“Building a house where this one is planned would not take away from that, it would add to the community.

“We are talking about a home for young people, whose roots are firmly in Carmarthenshire, and who have contributed regularly to life in the area, to start a family in.”

Councillor Ken Howell added: “After reading the report I feel there are some aspects of it which go against the Human Rights Act, which includes the right to have a safe home and a happy home.

“The farmhouse which is there at the moment is not safe because farming has changed so much since it was built.

“When that house was built there was no cars or lorries but today the postman and delivery lorries are constantly going back and forth.

“If they have children they will have to go out and play in the farm yard which would not be safe.”

Councillor Kevin Madge spoke against the proposal, saying the committee should follow the landscape policy cited in the planning officer’s report.

However, councillors voted 15 to three in favour of approving permission for the new home.