A VOTE of no confidence motion is set to be tabled against Carmarthenshire County Council Leader Emlyn Dole.

Councillor Rob James, Leader of the Labour Group in Carmarthenshire, has announced the move in response to concerns over the council’s handling of the £1.3 Billion City Deal.

In a letter addressed to the Council Leader, Cllr James said: “As you are aware, since becoming Leader of the Opposition in May 2018, I have sought to highlight my concerns about your administration’s handling of the £1,3 billion city deal and our worry that the on-going maladministration posed a significant risk to the future prosperity of the region.

“Local businesses and residents have since raised concerns that they fear your actions have damaged the reputation of this region, and the city deal rests on a knife edge.”

Cllr James also highlighted the Council’s failure to provide opposition members with exempt item reports, which enable councillors from other parties to scrutinise decision making.

He added: “In an attempt to fulfil our scrutiny role and ensure that the proposed investment was sound, I took the unprecedented decision to voluntarily commit myself, as Leader of the Opposition, to making no public comment on the city deal in exchange for you guaranteeing access to all documents connected with the Life Sciences and Well-Being Village.

“Last week, we took the difficult decision to withdraw from this agreement after an analysis of the information raised further questions surrounding the independence of the internal review and the promises made to us on the full publication of the internal review to the public was not forthcoming.

“We believe it is regrettable that this internal review has now been ‘leaked’ before the other sixty-two Councillors of our Authority was able to read its content.

“We can not sit idly by as you put this once in a generation opportunity, a £1.3 billion investment in the region with enormous potential to deliver jobs and prosperity to the thousands of local residents, at risk.

“The people of Carmarthenshire deserve much better than this.”

Councillor Emlyn Dole, Leader of the Council, said he did not wish to respond to the individual claims made by the Leader of the Labour Group in his letter through the press.

But added: “I dispute all of the claims that Cllr James has made in his letter.

“If he decides to table a motion of no confidence I welcome that and look forward to the debate that will follow in the council chambers because that is where this belongs.”