A TYCROES pensioner is on the hunt for a mystery person who sent her information about her great-grandfather through the post.

Janice Williams is the great-granddaughter of former Swansea Mayor William Thomas.

William Thomas of Lan was born in 1816 and died in 1909.

He was Mayor of Swansea from 1877 until 1878 and was a pioneer of the Open Spaces movement.

He secured the area of Victoria Park in Swansea as open space.

A statue of Mr Thomas was erected by public subscription outside the Patti Pavilion in Swansea and was unveiled by Councillor Gwilym Morgan, Mayor of Swansea, in September 1906.

Last month, Janice received information through her door in relation to her relative and would like to thank the mystery person behind the good gesture.

Janice, 80, told The Guardian: “William Thomas of Lan, otherwise known as Thomas y Llan, is my great-grandfather.

“I received an envelope though my door in December with paperwork revealing details about him.

“It looks like it has been photocopied from a book or has been taken from a file.

“It has got P127 on it.

“The person who sent it to me has signed it, but I can’t make out the handwriting or what it says.

“It must be a close friend or someone who knows me very well as it was sent to my home address and I have been living here 36 years.

“I have been expecting a phone call off someone asking if I had received the information, but no one has been in contact.”

Janice would like to get in touch with the mystery sender to show her appreciation as she has learnt information that she didn’t know about her great-grandfather by reading through the document.

“I think it is the worst thing in the world not to acknowledge thanks,” she said.

“I would hate to think that this person thinks I am being ungrateful as this is not the case.

“If they can make themselves known to me I would be most grateful.”

If you, or you know the person who, sent this information, you can contact Janice on 01269 597022 or write to 44 Teglan Park, Tycroes.