AN AMMANFORD man has been sentenced to 40 weeks in prison and ordered to pay £400 after admitting assault.

Barry Llewellyn, of Myddynfych, admitted a charge of assault and one of breaching a restraining order when he appeared at Llanelli Magistrates’ Court last week.

The incidents both occurred in Ammanford on September 3.

Llewellyn’s guilty plea also activated two suspended sentences for breaching restraining orders dating back to April 2017.

The first suspended sentence will see him imprisoned for 12 weeks, and the second for a further eight weeks.

For the assault Llewellyn was sentence to 20 weeks in prison to be served concurrently, and ordered to pay £200 costs, a £115 victim surcharge, and £85 costs.

He was sentenced to 16 weeks for the latest breach of a restraining order, to be served consecutively.

In total Llewellyn will serve 40 weeks in prison.