After years of campaigning to get parkour recognised as a sport, Mike Newman has been officially affiliated by WFPF (World Federation for Parkour and Freerunning) and IPF (International Parkour Federation) and is now one of the UK’s first internationally accredited and qualified Level 2 instructors.

The Kinetics Body and Mind director Mike has been successful in his endeavours and switched his focus onto building up a multi skill competition named Release The Movement which is going from strength to strength.

The fourth annual competition was held on Saturday, August 18 as a charity fundraising event in partnership with RAMPS Llanelli to help raise funds for RIOT Skate Park Project in Tumble.

The event was also filmed for a documentary produced to raise awareness about mental health and the positive effects fitness and movement can have on anyone suffering from such issues.

Mike, from Gorslas, said: “Our main goal is to get more people moving and to raise awareness for RIOT Skate Park.

“We are an advocate for the park as it will be free resources for not only skateboarders but also freerunners.

“The competition went really well and we had people of mixed ability and age taking part including a 37-year-old woman freerunning which was cool."

As well as recently qualifying as the first ever World Chase TAG trainer affiliated in UK, Mike is also heavily involved in the filming of a new feature film.

“I have been working heavily with a new Wales-based movie production company called Eagles Eleven Productions on the stunts needed for a feature movie they're producing called Vikings vs Vampires.

“I won an award for my work as their Parkour stunt choreographer and I can now confirm that I've been offered and accepted a major role as the Queen vampires second in command known as Sammael which I very excited about.

“The filming started this month and it is going well.”