One of British soap's greatest love rats is having a taste of his own medicine – and it is really hurting Pobol y Cwm's Hywel Llywelyn.

Cwmderi's Mr Casanova, played by Llandeilo actor Andrew Teilo, has heard that his fiancée Sheryl has been having an affair with one of his best mates, Gethin.

The million-dollar question in the daily S4C soap opera is whether Hywel can forgive her and go ahead with their wedding.

Since joining the BBC-produced five-nights-a-week soap in 1991, Hywel Llywelyn has been married three times and has had a total of 28 steamy relationships.

But the master of the extramarital affair has rarely been the hurt party; this time it's different.

Actor Andrew Teilo is loving his character's latest storyline, insisting it shows that his wheeling-dealing heartbreaker character has a deeper, more considerate side.

"Since he joined the soap as a schoolteacher who had an affair with schoolgirl Stacey Jones, he has always been the bad boy," said Andrew, a farmer's son from the Towy Valley.

"That marriage and further marriages to Ffion and Gaynor ended badly, usually because of his adultery.

"But this time he has seriously fallen in love. It's a milestone in his development as a character and how he responds to this crisis in the relationship and whether he goes ahead and marries Sheryl will be the measure of the man," added Andrew, one of the soap's longest surviving characters.

Andrew praises the storylines and scriptwriters for tapping into his character's deeper, more emotional side.

"I have been fortunate to have some strong storylines over the years, but Hywel's relationship with Sheryl has been one of the most powerful, especially the storyline when the couple lost their baby.

That was very challenging for me as an actor and it's a privilege to play the scenes with such a talented actor as Lisa Victoria.

Andrew, now in his early 50s, can't reveal what will be the endgame of this much talked about storyline. But he says you shouldn't write off Hywel Llywelyn as a cheeky chappie philanderer in the future.

"Yes, he's hurting now and yes, he's besotted with Sheryl at the moment, but a leopard rarely changes its spots."