Families aren’t leaving a stone unturned or unpainted in the Towy Valley with a new craze that has taken a town by storm.

Mum Kayley Sizmur, of Llandeilo, launched a Facebook page called Llandeilo Rocks last month to encourage people to get involved.

The idea is to pick up stones or rocks, paint pretty designs on them and then hide them for others to find.

Once found, pictures are posted on the page – some stones are kept but others are re-hidden either in the town or further afield.

Kayley, 28, said: “The painted rocks idea caught my eye after me and my family recently visited family in Surrey.

“My two sons were playing the in the park and they found these rocks with different characters and illustrations.

“Since we’ve returned home to Llandeilo, I decided to start the craze here.

“Llandeilo is already a very colourful place but with the help of these rocks I thought it would make the rainy journeys home from school more fun.”

The mother-of-two spends hours decorating and then varnishing different rocks, collected from Porthcawl beach, adding different animations such a Disney characters, Simpson’s, animals. Funny faces and insects.

“We are relatively new to the area and I think this has helped us meet people from the community and I hope that this craze expands over the whole of Wales,” added Kayley.

“It keeps children entertained and it gets them off the Xbox.

“The Llandeilo Rocks Facebook page already has almost 100 members which shows that families are enjoying searching for the rocks and then re-hiding them for the next person to find.

“It reminds me of a never-ending Easter egg hunt.

“Once you find one you post a picture of it on the Facebook group and then re-hide it in a different place.

“My children Cayden and Dylan love it and I know many others who are getting involved are enjoying it to.

“I encourage as many as people to get involved and feel free to design your own rocks and help brighten up Llandeilo.”

If you would like to get involved, you can visit the Llandeilo Rocks Facebook page.