An Ammanford-born weather presenter celebrated International Mother Language Day on air this week.

Owain Wyn Evans decided to present his BBC broadcast in nine different languages on February 21.

He spoke Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, Spanish, German and Welsh to mark International Mother Language Day, a worldwide annual observance held on to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and promote multilingualism.

"Preparing for this forecast was an uniquely weird process.," said Owain.

"I don’t speak any of the languages, but I’m lucky to have friends who are fluent in each of the languages in the video.

"Being a proud Welshman, it also included some Cymraeg of course."

The weatherman contacted his friends to help him with the translation and his friends sent painstaking phonetic translations on WhatsApp.

He added: "It was a bit of a global project as my friend who helped with the Arabic section lives in the Middle East for example and Shiva, who taught me the Hindi is in Goa.

"Ironically, I met Shiva two years ago in Benaulim and discovered that he spoke Welsh.

"I’ve been told the Arabic and Italian here sound particularly strange in a Carmarthenshire accent, but hopefully I didn't butcher any of the beautiful languages."