Following complaints of traffic chaos being caused by a new set of traffic lights in Cross Hands, Llanelli’s Labour MP and AM has joined forces with local councillor Dot Jones to urge the council to review the entire system.

Traffic lights, installed as part of the new Parc Maes Yr Eithin development, are being ignored by a number of people travelling from Tumble to Cross Hands who are simply skipping them due to the confusing lights setup and road layout.

Cllr Dot Jones has been actively campaigning on this issue, recently organising for the Council’s Road Safety and Traffic Manager John McEvoy to visit the location of the lights and submitting a freedom of information request about the number of reported traffic incidents at this spot.

Cllr Jones said: “The situation on Llandeilo Road is extremely dangerous.

"We desperately need the Council to review the whole set of lights and road markings in this area as a matter of urgency, as well as look at the possibility of installing a camera to catch people jumping the lights.

“I was told by Mr McEvoy that Dyfed Powys Police needs a significant number of people to report this problem before they can take action.

"So I would urge any drivers or pedestrians who are having difficulties with these lights to report the issue by tweeting or emailing Dyfed Powys.”

Nia Griffith MP, who visited the site on Saturday with Llanelli’s Assembly Member Lee Waters, said: “It is clear from observing traffic and pedestrians at these lights in Cross Hands that no one really understands what is meant to be happening.

"The confusion is causing huge problems and is a serious safety risk, with people jumping what they think are faulty lights and driving straight across a busy road.

"I pay tribute to Cllr Dot Jones for her work on this issue, and echo her call for people to report incidents on this road.”

Lee Waters AM added: “I’m very worried about the perilous traffic situation developing in Cross Hands. The Council must at the very least make changes to the road markings and light sequencing to clear up the obvious confusion.

"They should, however, look at the wider traffic issues in the area, including the lack of a pedestrian phase in the sequence on Meadows Road and a camera to catch those skipping lights.”