A trap-based bottled water business has raised £5,000 for Wales Air Ambulance.

Earlier this year, Brecon Carreg selected a team of 10 runners to participate in a virtual running team called Team Brecon Carreg.

The runners received free entry to races in Wales and support and encouragement along the way.

Throughout the summer they faced extreme weather conditions, battled injuries and took on over 25 races between them.

In total Team Brecon Carreg covered a total distance of 3,150 miles.

Brecon Carreg has supported Wales Air Ambulance (WAA) for many years. For every mile that Team Brecon Carreg ran in training and races a pound was donated to WAA.

Jenna Bissel, marketing manager at Brecon Carreg, said: "We're thrilled to have raised a fantastic amount of money for such a worthy cause.

WAA provides life-saving work across Wales every day and has even saved one of our own runners from a horrific accident."

In 2015 Sonali Das Simpson from Porthcawl was run over and crushed by her own car while collecting her daughter from school. WAA was called to the scene and performed life-saving chest surgery in the car park of the school. Sonali saw joining Team Brecon Carreg a great opportunity to pay back WAA back for the life-saving care they gave her after the accident.

In addition to donating a pound per mile, Brecon Carreg donated a pound to every new follower they gained on Twitter over a period of 24 hours.

This act raised a further £1,000, which was added to the total amount raised from the running team. Brecon Carreg wanted to reward their achievements by rounding it to a healthy total of £5,000.

Mark Stevens, Wales Air Ambulance Fundraising Manager, said: "We are so grateful for the generous donation and support we have received from Brecon Carreg and the runners of Team Brecon Carreg; it really means the world to us. We rely on support and donations to raise the £6.5million needed every year to keep our four helicopters flying. We would like to thank Brecon Carreg for their support, which is helping to fund our missions across Wales."