The hard work is paying off for an award-wining barber from Llandybie.

Since opening his first shop in Tirydail nearly two years ago, Mathew Guerin has reached massive heights of success in the barber world, and has opened two additional shops in Llandeilo and Llanelli.

He also has a barber training academy in Llandeilo and has become a personal stylist to premiership footballing stars and their children.

To add to his previous awards, Mathew has recently been named as the winner of the British Barber Association Hall of Fame.

The award winning barber said: “After finishing second place in the British Master Barbers Barber of the Year I was invited to cut on stage at the Great British Barber Bash in Manchester with some of the biggest names in the industry.

“All the recent events I have been involved in must of impressed judges at the British Barber Association and I have finally been named on the Hall of Fame.”

Mathew explained how he persevered, landing a position in the top five places five times, until he was finally crowned.

“The British Barber Association are a company who monitor the success and quality of barbers around the country and I have made it in to the top five over five times.

“To finally be voted the winner in October meant so much to me as I have worked so hard to be noticed over the last two years and I want to prove to everyone what I am capable of.”

Mathew will now be heading off to London in the new year for a magazine photo shoot.

He will also be involved in delivering training at educational academies around the country.

He is now making sure the barbers in his shops are cutting at his standard while he is away teaching barbering to others.

“I am now working hard with the barbers in my shops based at Ammanford, Llandeilo and Llanelli to reach my level of experience.

“I will be spending a lot of time travelling teaching barbering around the country meaning I will need to reduce my hours in my shops,” he said.

“Also the barbers in my shops will all be competing in 2018 and I want them all winning awards.”

To add to his long list of success, Mathew has recently been picked to trim the hair of premiership footballer and Swansea City legend Leon Britton along with his children.

“I was approached by Swansea’s record signing footballer Borja Bason Gonzalez in 2016 and I now cut hair for Leon Britton and his children.

“I go to his house to do it once a month,” said, barber, Mathew.